Tax, Titling, Fees, Insurance


Do I need insurance?


You should make arrangements with your insurance agent for your car to be insured effective on the date the car is delivered to you in person or shipped. 

Shipping companies are insured but we believe it is a good idea for you to have your coverage become effective at the time of shipping.



What are the taxes and fees for my purchase?


There usually are neither taxes nor fees on your vehicle purchase.  We do not collect sales tax at this time on out of state purchases and we have no fees or hidden charges. 

The sales price is normally the full purchase price paid to Pride Autoplaza.



Will I receive a temporary license tag?

We attach a 60 day temporary tag to your vehicle upon delievery.  Or we send a 60 day temporary tag with the car when it is shipped.  Since you are already insured, our 60 day tag allows you drive your vehicle immediately.


What about the title or other vehicle paperwork?

You will receive your paperwork upon receipt of the vehicle in person.  Or, if your vehicle has been shipped, we will send the title and paperwork by registered mail. 


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