Rebuilt Title Vehicles


What is a Rebuilt title?

A state issues a salvage title when a vehicle is damaged and the costs of repair exceed the vehicle’s value.  Even cars that have been in floods or stolen can fall under the salvage title distinction.  In Kansas, hail damage can be a common cause of salvage status. 

When damaged vehicles are repaired, the state issues a “Rebuilt Salvage” title.


How does a Rebuilt title affect me?

Cars with a Rebuilt title can make great, affordable purchases.  At Pride Autoplaza we will always tell you the circumstances around the Rebuilt status of a vehicle we sell.

All of our salvage vehicles are professionally repaired to “Rebuilt” status.  Once we repair a damaged vehicle at Pride Autoplaza, we have it inspected by the State of Kansas where it gains the quality status of “Rebuilt Salvage.”   


Will I have problems titling a rebuilt vehicle?

Absolutely not.  “Rebuilt” is a quality title which is common in the state of Kansas.   This is the same in most states, but check local regulations if you wish to title this vehicle outside of Kansas.


Will I have problems insuring a rebuilt vehicle?

This is rarely a problem because our vehicles are not “salvage” titled on a damaged car.  We sell only “Rebuilt” titled vehicles that have been completely and professionally repaired.  We have encountered no problems with insurance companies in Kansas.  Check ahead with your own insurance agency to be sure.


Will I have problems financing a rebuilt vehicle?

Most financial institutions will finance vehicles with Rebuilt titles.  If your institution is reluctant, we will gladly recommend a financer to assist you at competitive interest rates.  Titles with “Rebuilt” status should not affect your interest rates. 


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