Buying a Vehicle


Is it safe to buy over the internet?  

We really appreciate the fact that it takes a lot of trust on your part to buy a car over the internet.  We’ll do everything that we can to make this a smooth and  pleasant transaction for you.     

We are meticulous in describing our vehicles and post many detailed photos so that you will have an accurate perception of what you are buying.     

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your car when it arrives, we will honor our MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.    


What kind of deposit do I need?  

Once you know for sure that you want to purchase the car, we require a $500 deposit to hold the car for you while you send the balance of the funds.  The full $500 deposit is applied to the purchase if you complete the transaction.

If you fail to complete the transaction Pride Autoplaza charges $100 per week for holding the car for you, deducts this amount from your deposit, and refunds the balance.    


How do I pay for the vehicle?    

We prefer that you send guaranteed funds such as a Money Order, Cashiers Check, Bank Check or Wire Transfer.  To get your car more quickly, buyers often send the balance of the funds by overnight mail service.     

If you send a personal check or other non certified funds, we will wait for the check to clear before we can complete the transaction (7 to 14 days).              


When do I receive my vehicle?

Once payment of the full purchase price has been made the vehicle is available for delivery.  If we have agreed to arrange shipping for you, we will at this time contact our shipper and have the car picked up as soon as the next truck is available.

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