About Pride Autoplaza is Now a Part of

Showroom AutoMotive

7478 S. Broadway
Haysville, KS  67070

In September of 2015, after nearly 30 years at our Derby Location, Charles and Bonnie Carver semi-retired and moved our inventory to the new Haysville address shown.  Pride Auto Plaza is now managed by our long time friend Sam Valdez and Family, and is a part of Sam’s Showroom AutoMotive where he has been doing quality automotive paint work for many years.

The following is a brief history of our Business:

We buy and sell late model, classic and muscle cars and motorcycles. We also do some restoration work as time allows.  The majority of our cars are sold over the internet from our website.  We strive to accurately describe our vehicles and then back that description with a written warranty and a money back satisfaction guarantee.  If you are looking for a quality vehicle that is reasonably priced, make sure you check our current inventory.  

Pride Autoplaza is owned by Charles and Bonnie Carver.    Pride was founded in Derby, Kansas in January 1989, and has always been at this location.  Bill Roberts and Charles Carver— two life long car enthusiasts— started PRIDE. Their enthusiasm for special interest vehicles goes back into the 1950s when they were involved in building, painting, customizing, drag racing, and restoring a wide variety of vehicles.  Since then they have been involved in this pursuit, either on their own cars or in buying, selling, restoring, and building cars for customers.  What started out as a hobby has grown into a full time business at Pride Autoplaza.

At PRIDE we believe cars and motorcycles are more than just transportation.   Cars have always been a source of fun for us and we strive to make purchasing them a pleasurable experience for our buyers. 

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